Connecting Early

We strongly encourage students, their families and service providers to connect early with the institution of their interest.  Emerging and existing research has shown that when students connect early with their schools, they are more likely to be successful in their academic year.

By learning more about the academic and social culture of various institutions, students can develop a better sense of why they may want to attend postsecondary and which institution will best suit them.

We assist students in preparing for success by building on the following principles, guided by Alf Lizzio’s model for student success (

  • Sense of Connection
  • Sense of Purpose
  • Sense of Capability
  • Sense of Resourcefulness
  • Sense of the Academic Culture

As mentioned above, students and their families can connect with guidance counsellors, core teachers, special resource teachers and the ASD Coordinator at York University as early as grade 10.

Service Provider’s Workshop

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The Service Provider’s Workshop is a full-day (9am to 2:30pm) workshop provided by York University.

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Outreach with Schools

Outreach with Schools is an information exchange program between York, schooling communities, school boards, students, families and service providers.

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ASD Transition Day

ASD Transition Day takes place in October, February and June and is available to students, their families and service providers.

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Connecting with the York University ASD Coordinator

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The ASD Coordinator at York meets with prospective York students and their families to discuss support options.

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