Employment Services

We recognize that success does not simply mean good grades.  For students, independent living, wellness, and financial maturity are cornerstones that mark a successful transition into adulthood.  Additionally, our program is anchored to the belief that students should be realistically supported in pursuing their interests.  In pursuing such interests, our transition program offers opportunities for students with ASD to develop critical skills that will support them in becoming more employable during and after school (graduation).

We have launched a comprehensive paid work-study program within our assistive lab space where students work as lab monitors.  In this role, they curate the physical lab space, assist students in a variety of ways and contribute to maintaining the overall positive space of the TEL lab.

“If we do not have faith in our ability to develop those students who have come to us for support, then we are not doing our job.  We are committed to growing the landscape of opportunity for students with ASD and celebrating equity and positive treatment for everyone.”

Maureen Barnes, LDS Manager