Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions portal.  In this portal, students, their families and service providers have the opportunity to ask questions and raise concerns about the transition process from high school to post-secondary.  Participation in this process is completely voluntary and anonymous.  We will be reading your questions and collating it into a monthly Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) newsletter that we will publish on this page.  We will also keep a historical record of previous month’s questions so visitors can look up previous issues that were raised by our past (or current) visitors.

To begin, we ask that you click this link to participate in our brief questionnaire.

*We will be publishing our next set of results on November 23rd, 2015.  While we did not receive any questions in October, we have received quite a few in November around accommodations, psycho-eds and bursaries.  We understand that the December 1st deadline for applying to schools is coming up, so we encourage you to ask as many questions as possible so we can publish all of this information one week prior to the December 1st deadline.

Frequently Asked Questions Results by Month

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